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Simplyfy and automate the waste management operation.

BIORESIDUOS is a company dedicated to waste management; they process more than 100 requests a day. They did not have a system to schedule collection routes. All field details were recorded in physical forms, generating reprocesses information which lead to a high time devoted to data processing. Analysis and data processing was required to execute the billing process, and the generation of the final disposal documents.

This process generated delays in the execution and processing of each of the requests for collection and / or disposal, preventing a timely response to the client.

  • Eliminate manual controls that generate reprocessing and mishandling of information.

  • Low automation of the process.

  • Limited process visibility which delays response to the customers.

Modernize and automate the logistics process of waste management.

  • Improve information handling.

  • Create real time traceability of operation (collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal).

  • Improve issuing times of certificates of disposal and other documents generated in waste management operation.

Designe a technological solution, which allowed the automation of the waste management process end to end. This solution is based on a web and mobile interface composed of four modules.

The process began with the automatic scheduling of routes, creating a work plan for each of the drivers. Each driver capture collection details (weight, type of waste, packaging etc) also registers photos and signatures through mobile device. Data is synchronized and pushed to the central server. This helpe facilitate the billing process, the emission of minutes disposal and reporting.

Through the billing module, all billing in relation to services performed is generated, keeping track of billed versus what you paid for each customer.

The client module (generator and / or manager); allows the creation of applications for collection and / or disposal as appropriate, creating statements, see the traceability of applications and finally downloading documents. (Minutes, statements, certificates etc.).

In addition to the above there is a commercial module to centralize information of each of contributions and contracts in order to monitor business management.

  • Process optimization, reducing costs and obtaining greater benefit.

  • Regulation Compliance and secure information.

  • 35% savings in time and resources.

  • Analysis of the daily operation and agility in decision-making

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