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Simplify through automation, all activities in the warehouse.

CDM is an E-commerce company dedicated to sell pet products, currently they handle more than 300 orders a day, initially did not have a system in place to control these activities. This generated delays in the execution and processing of each order (office) delaying response to customers.

  • Eliminate manual controls that generate reprocessing and mishandling of information.

  • Low automation of the process.

  • Limited visibility of products between supplier, distribution center and end customer.

  • Difficulty around picking activities.

Modernize and automate the logistics process of the distribution center.

  • Improve management and information processing.

  • Real time process tracking (supplier, distribution center, end user).

  • Reduced picking time.

  • Improved Control over warehouse activities.

We create a WMS, web application that supported the activities of the warehouse starting with the purchase orders and order generation to delivery of the products to the final user. Through this system a pick up routine is created. Smart routes are created in order to avoid unnecesary movements in the warehouse. Once orders are pickup a packig routine is executed where QR code validation (SKU, LOT, Expiry date) is checked.   This tool allows you to view various aspects such as Return, inventories and traceability of orders, which facilitates a timely response to end customers. A integration was performed with other systems such as accounting and online cart.

  • Optimization 80% pick up and shipping activities.

  • Improved performance of process fulfilment.

  • Analysis of the operation, optimized activities.

  • Integration with other systems avoiding rework in other areas of the company.

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