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Digitalization of deliveries.

Coopidrogas, has a vast delivery operation with more than 1500 deliveries nationwide. The logistics of these deliveries process was not visible in real time, because the field activities were not linked to a system that would centralize all the data.

  • Reprocesses and extensive data processing times.

  • You do not have real-time information for decision-making.

  • Ensure traceability of deliveries.

  • Inventory control package material.

Automate the delivery process.

  • Reduce processing time. Deliveries are proceces every hour.

  • 100% monitoring of packing material.

  • Monitor the traceability of each stage of delivery, minimizing risks in terms of operational failures and improving response times to customers.

Create a solution with Web and mobile interface , where all logistics activities are captured, obtaining field information in real time via a mobile devices. Personnel in charge of deliveries captures operation details such as signatures, times execution, registration of returns, among others.


Given the above, the forms are designed so that staff the can fill intuitively, this information is synchronized and published on the web portal. Operations directors are able to control and monitoring the process thorugh dashboards. This solution generates multiple notifications, allowing the customer to know the status of its service.

  • Reduction in procesing time.

  • Realiable information is captured and sent to relevant parties. This allows fast decision-making.

  • Packing material tracking by distribution center.

  • Cetralized information on deliveries that allows faster responses to customers.

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