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Control and monitor flight activities.


HELICOL is a subsidiary of Avianca corporation. Each month, data such as fuel consumption, flight times, is collected on physical forms. To get a real visual of the operation helicol had to spend days to collect the forms and other media, plus after that administrative staff had to spend some time in data entry and processing of such data for decision-making.

  • Reprocesses and extensive data processing times

  • Absence of real-time information for decision-making

  • Ensure compliance with the provision of the service

  • Fuel control spending

Automate the control and monitoring of flight operations.

  • Reduce processing time, from 48 to 1 hour; every flight is processed the same day, agile decision-making.

  • Full monitoring of flight operations.

  • Monitor the status of each stage of flight, minimizing operational risk and improving response times to customers.

Create a web solution with Web and mobile interface. The entire process of flight operation is automated, obtaining field information in real time via a mobile device, where the pilot registers every fligh detail like signatures of the occupants of the flight, runtimes, record fuel, among others.


Given the above, the forms are designed so that staff the can fill intuitively, this information is synchronized and published on the web portal where the managment can monitor the overall perfomaby by checking online dashboards. This solution generates multiple notifications, allowing the customer to know the status it flight request.

  • Improved order processing by 98%.

  • Realiable source of information to measure compliance with the operation and support fast decision-making.

  • Control and monitoring actual flight operations.

  • Auotmated responses to relevant stakeholders.

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