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Systematically audit the large volume of invoices.

LG moves more than 500 containers a month, which represents important logistics expenses (inbound), we help monitoriong this expense by verifying each of the invoices issued by suppliers. it took more than 3 weeks as it was done so manually by human intervention.

  • High verification times.

  • There was no automation.

  • Reducing operational risks.

Audit in the shortest possible time high volumen of invoices, in order to reduce risks and optimize spending.

  • Reduce staff time devoted to invoice verification, focusing on new chanllenges.

  • Minimize the risk that may occur against spending, ensuring that all chages comply with the current set of rates.

  • Control the service provision of carriers.

Register all the rates in the system, each rate is recorded with a unique ID in the system. Each rate will identify the variables of each shipment, calculating a expected value and compare it with the charged value. 

Each vendor has its own format (Ebill) whose structure is designed to record details of each shipment. Invoices have two main statuses: approved and rejected.

Some services that we have audited are: port costs, transportation costs, postage security expenditure among others.

  • Reduce by 85% the time of invoice verification.

  • Have timely information to measure spending, generating savings up to 15%.

  • Ability to measure achievement of the goals of the business.

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