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Development of custom software - Advantages and Disadvantages

Actualizado: 15 may 2021

TAll companies regardless of their size need during software development lifecycle. There is a wide range of options business solutions that can contribute to the efficiency of processes, logistics, finance, accounting, human resource areas etc. At the end, they all share one goal: improving INTERNAL PROCESSES.

At the time of starting the modernization process management has two paths on which to choose: Buying a system "off the shelf" or custom development.


The off the shelf systems were designed for a large audience and are ready to be used, this brings great advantage in saving implementation time. Since the solution has already been developed, the response time is minimal but also brings disadvantages. Adaptability to future improvements is one of them, because if they are not a necessity of the community they serve, have a low probability of execution.

The second way is the development of custom software. This is the option that is usually chosen when no solutions on the market that meet the specific needs you are looking for the customer, and believe me it is not easy to find an application as such as we imagine. This option is similar to a suit tailored specifically adjustments will be made to the operation of each client, thus providing a service more personalized because the developer is not working on meeting the need of a community, but the specific requirements posed by client.

Development time and cost are the Achilles heel of the development of customized solutions. For these we started with a blank canvas, and there really is no more restrictions on what you want to improve. But this freedom also has a price. Wanting to encompass many bullrings may end up extending too much development time.

To explain it better to tell a story that I had with a client. In the past we had the opportunity to work with a company dedicated to the commercialization of technology products. Firstly, what I wanted was to have a tool that captures all data deliveries. These should be shared to end customers via a web portal. As soon as this challenge was overcome, functionality was added to support not only deliver but also collections. Today looking back, we have a much broader and more robust solution than was initially raised with the customer. For those interested in learning more about this solution to the extent I share the link in our success stories section.

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