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Automate the process of rental and equipment maintenance. Surgiplast is a company dedicated to the rental and sale of medical equipment, to the day have more than 90 service request were issued. Programming was done on phisical forms. Lack of visibility to upper managment.

  • Difficulty scheduling maintenance services.

  • Low level of automation and traceability service.

  • There was no actual inventory of equipment and spares.

Improce the control of flight operations.

  • Improve information processing.

  • Real time process tracking.

  • Improve programming times technicians according to the availability.

  • Take 100% control over the inventory of equipment and spares parts.

The design and implementation of the platform for Surgiplast, brings visibility to all the medical equipment they have sold. Now they can quicly review all the history of transaction for each one of their assets. It also allows program services quickly, taking into account the availability of technicians. Through a mobile solution every detail of the visit is recorded; information as diagnostic equipment, procedure performed, spare parts used, registration photographic signature capture etc), to synchronizing every detail is evidenced in the supervisor interface, who has full visibility of the operation of the day, the above by a notification panel. Finally, each customer has the ability to track your application because the system generates notifications by email.

  • Reduce rework time information

  • Inventory control of equipment and spare parts.

  • Ability to measure service compliance.

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